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Welcome !

This site was started when I bought the domain in 1998.
The idea was to try the new media, and find out what a website could be used for....

For some years, the main part of the site was called "Hitchhikers Guide to the Earth", and was meant as a service for hitchhikers and drivers - here they could get in contact with each other.
I had a lot of visitors and a great deal of users, but the web evolved, and with this e-mail based service I couldn't compete with smarter sites, and I hadn't got the time or abilities to develop it further...
The name of the website was inspired by a book written by Douglas Adams - one of my favourite authors (see under books).

The last couple of years nothing at all has happened on the site, but now I've got the inspiration again, and now I want to collect all the most interesting things in the world here on this site - most interesting according to me... ;o))

To the left there are links to some pages with information, which I've made myself - very personal pages.
To the right there are links to some excellent sites on the web - sites which I use frequently, or which are some excellent supplements to my own pages.

Feel free to send me comments, if you wish. Just write to "pm" at this domain.

Thanks for visiting the site - and enjoy !

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