Australia is my second home !

...not only because I love the country, but also because the aussies are so friendly and hospitable.

Here's the short story:

In February 1996 I travelled there on my long service leave, and I stayed there until November the same year. A lot of experiences and friends richer.

In August my friend Hans Henrik came from Denmark to visit me. He wrote a diary, and you can read it by clicking here. My own diary isn't ready yet.

Since the highschool in 1973-76 I've wished to got to Australia.

I've sent for information from the Australian embassy more than one time, but my job and family life did, that I choosed otherwise. But in 1995 on my summertrip to Corfu I spoke with a good friend, who asked me why I didn't go to Australia, and told me that the only thing needed was the decision. And after a lot of talk, at last I bought the ticket, and left Denmark in February 1996 - and I will never regret that !

I was that lucky that Hans Henrik and I had met two australians 10 years earlier on a holiday on Krete, And we were still in contact with them, so I Wrote to Helen and David, and told them, that I came to Australia. I don't know why, but they sounded happy, and offered me, taht I could stay at their place in the beginning, and I'm very thankful for that; because if it hasn't been for them, everything wouldn't have turned up that good as it did !

I could make a whole homesite about that trip, but just now this will be enough, and later when I get the time, I'll write some more, and put on some photos.


The best backpacker hostel in the world: The stuffed backpacker in Warnambool


(c) Peter Morell, Denmark, 2005-01-16